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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.

Chapter 3 : Visualization

The first step in learning to visualize well is realizing that you already visualize all the time already. The only way you know how to draw a circle is by seeing a picture of it in your head before you draw it. To know whether something looks right or wrong you have to see a picture of it first in your mind. The reason some people aren't aware yet that they visualize is that they already do it so well. You are getting the information that you need in such a quick flash of the picture that it was gone before you were even aware that it had appeared. Can you tell me that you have never fantasized about how a certain person would look walking up to you naked?

Another important thing you will realize about visualizing is that it's not only visual. It includes all of the sounds associated with the picture or movie. The way everything feels. All of the smells. All of the tastes. It's not just a picture. It's a whole experience.

When you are visualizing something that you've seen before in the world move your eyes up and to the left or look straight ahead. These are the two places where the majority of people see things that they are remembering. When you are creatively visualizing something you've never seen before, move your eyes up and to the right. This is where most people see things that they are creating in their minds. Some people are switched, though. To figure out which way you do it ask someone to watch you while you make a picture of your car and notice where you move your eyes to.

This chapter is divided into 6 Excercises and a Troubleshooting section...


“Chapter 3 : Visualization”