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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.

Embedded Commands

Embedded commands are used to say something to the unconscious while you might be saying something completely different to the conscious mind. You can do this by saying all of the words in the embedded commands in one particular note, at a particular volume, etc. The key is to have the note or volume that you embed the commands at distinct from the rest of what you say. For example, if you use the note a sharp to embed the commands, you can't use that pitch elsewhere in your conversation. Personally I find it easiest to drop my pitch slightly on the embedded commands.

Also, when you're embedding a phrase such as, "Buy me presents," the words don't have to be together in the sentence. They don't even have to be in the same sentence. They can be spread out through a paragraph.

I saw a gorgeous Ferrari go buy. To me it seems that some cars have a presents of their own.

Also remember that you should embed commands at last three times each. They don't have to be in the exact words, but they should be similar.
It's easier for the unconscious to take the command at this point than it is to fight it.
Exercise 1- Embed the phrase "Give me a wild ride," into a paragraph about a safari in Africa. No more thantwo words of the phrase can be side by side in the paragraph.

Exercise 2 - Think of phrases that you would like to embed. Then think of a different subject to write about where you can embed the phrase.

Just remember to use a pleasant state that goes with the commands that you're embedding. For example, you wouldn't talk about the most disgusting thing you ever did and embed commands about having a wonderful experience together.


“Embedded Commands”