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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.

Pattern interrupt

Altered states are very easy to induce. The simplest trance induction is the pattern interrupt. Anytime you can nterrupt a pattern that somebody else is in, they have to go inside their head and figure out where they were so that they can start at the point you interrupted them. If you think about this, you know that it's true.

Every time you speak you form the sentence in your mind first. Your mind does this quite quickly but it is rare that you deliver a full sentence before it is completely formed inside your mind. If I were to interrupt you in the middle of delivering the sentence you had already formed, your mind would go blank for moment. Inside of that blank space is a world of possibilities. While you are inside your head I can put anything I want
n there.
The reason that I can do this without getting caught is that if you hear me, it will simply interrupt the process of finding where you were. In essence, it is a double interrupt.

If you don't believe me try this on a waitress. Waitresses are pre-programmed to say a certain phrase when hey walk up to the table. Waitresses that have been waiting on tables for a long time are very programmed. If you interrupt them at any point with a question, you can watch their minds go blank.

If you are very aware and notice when the blank spot happens, you can anchor it. Then all you have to do is fire the anchor the next time you want to induce trance.


“Pattern interrupt”