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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.


Posture is important because if the body is not properly aligned the voice can't come out with the power, the resonance, and the projection that it naturally has.

Exercise 1 - Imagine there is a string that runs through the top of the head and down through the neck, and down through the spine. Then imagine that someone pulls up slightly on the string, straightening the neck and the spine to the point where even if there were no muscles holding them in place the bones would stay sitting one on top of the other, and at the same time you feel your shoulders slide back into place. Now, imagine moving through the world this way ... when you sit at your computer ... drive in your car... watch TV.

Exercise 2 - In order for some people to keep their shoulders back in place they need to stretch out the chest and strengthen the back (especially the rhomboids, between the shoulder blades, and the rear deltoids, which are the backs of the shoulders). This is true especially for people who sit at computers all day long.