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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.

Unconscious awareness

Bringing to the conscious mind awareness of something that is generally thought of as unconscious will bring about an altered state or trance state. If I would ask you right now, to think about how the spot between your toes feels, it would be something that you normally would never think of lf I would ask you to think about how your shirt feels on the middle of your back, that is also outside your conscious awareness. If I were to ask you think about exactly how this piece of paper feels in your hand, that is also outside your conscious awareness.

The key is to think about the things that people normally don't think about, and get them focused somewhere other than on their consciousness. As you watch them you'll notice that they will go inside their minds to find the information. When they do you can slide commands in.

The easiest trance induction is a 54321 method
1. Something you feel
2. Something you see
3. Something you hear
4. Something you feel
5. Command

Let me give you an example:
As you sit there in your chair and feel the weight of your body pressing down, you can look at this paper and notice the edges as your eyes scan these words. You might hear something in the room around you and feel the paper on your finger and relax.
1. Feel

2. See
3. Hear
4. Command
5. Command

You might notice the beat of your heart and see the colours of the room while listening to the sound my voice. See you can feel good about knowing that you're about to learn now.
This would be followed with two things that you notice and three commands. Then one thing that the notice and four commands. I think you get the idea.

This is also easiest method to do self-hypnosis.


“Unconscious awareness”