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Essential Speaking Skills
All about the art of public speaking.

Anchoring Excercises

Exercise one
Set across from your partner and have them think of a time when they did something very enjoyable or a time when they were very happy. Watch them closely. Have them tell you about that time. Actually get them to the point or they are reviving it. Notice how their state changes as they begin to go into the experience.

You can help get them into the state asking them questions. You can ask them what they saw then. Are there any sounds? Were there any smell? What did they feel? As you begin to notice their state change, you want to anchor it to one of their knees.

Now do the same thing with something that was not very enjoyable. Make sure that they clear their mind between anchoring different states.

Now test the anchors. Say something nice while firing the anchor of something that was not very enjoyable for them. What you'll find is that it's very hard for them to feel good about what you're saying while you're firing the anchor of something is not very enjoyable.

Exercise Two
Take the enjoyable anchor that you have just installed and it into a sliding anchor. Start with your finger on the spot on their knee and tell them that as you slide the anchor towards their body that the feeling will double. And then go back to the point of beginning and slide it all over and double it again.

Exercise three
in this exercise we’re going to build a new state using finger anchors. Choose three positive states. For instance, creativity, playful and competence. Make three separate anchors on your partner’s hand. On the first finger build a sliding anchor for the first state. Make sure that you amplify it. Get a neutral state between each anchor. On the second linger anchor the second state and on the third finger anchor the third state. Go back in test the anchors and turn them up and then turn them back down. Make sure you have neutral states between each test. Then slide all three anchors at the same time turning them all of at the same time. What you have done here is taken three separate states and created a new state that is a combination of the three separate states.


“Anchoring Excercises”